Export and innovation: empirical evidence from patent data at firm level


LI Bing;YUE Yunsong;CHEN Ting


School of International Trade and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics;School of International Trade and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics;Princeton University;The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen


This study matches firm-level patent data, data from the Chinese Industrial Enterprises Database and data from the Customs database and identifies the effect of export on independent technology innovation via the propensity score matching-difference in differences method. We find that export induces independent technology innovation, especially innovation in patents with high technology content such as invention patents and utility model patents, but this effect is not significant for design patents. Further tests about heterogeneity show that export mainly promotes independent technology innovation in medium-high-tech industries and high-tech industries, and does not have significant effects on medium-low-tech or low-tech industries. We also find that export promotes the independent technology innovation of firms participating in ordinary trade but inhibits that of firms participating in processing trade. In addition, the promoting effect of export on innovation is significant in domestic firms but insignificant in foreign-funded firms. Our findings extend the existing literature, provide policy implications for the government, and deepen the understanding of Chinese firms’ roles in international trade and global economy.




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