Bifurcation behavior of laminar flows of a boundary layer problem


Chun-qing Lu Department of Mathematics and Statistics,Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Edwardsville,IL 62026,USA


This paper presents a theoretical analysis on the bifurcation behavior of solutions to a nonlinear equation f ''' ff'' = 0with boundary conditions:f(0) =C,f'(0)= ξand f'(∞) = 1where ξ and C are parameters.It shows that if ξ≥ 0including the case ξ≥ 1,then for any C the boundary value problem has at most one solution.However,for any ξ < 0,there exist some C < 0such that the boundary value problem admits at least two solutions.


Laminar flows,Bifurcation,Boundary Value Problem,Plasius equation.


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