Studies on the oscillation behavior of a flexible plate in the wake of a D-cylinder


Ding-yi Pan 1,Hua Liu 2,Xue-ming Shao 1 1 Department of Mechanics,State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power Transmission and Control,Zhejiang University,Hangzhou,China 2 China Ship Research and Development Academy,Beijing,China


This paper studies the oscillation behavior of a flexible plate in the wake of a D-section cylinder.The interaction between the flexible body and its surrounding vortices is investigated.A modified immersed boundary method is used to solve the motion of fluid,integrated with a linearized Euler-Bernoulli beam model to govern the motion of the flexible plate.Results show that,when the distance between cylinder and plate is small,the surface of the plate is surrounded by vortices layers and the plate oscillates periodically,with amplitude similar to the cylinder movement.However,if the distance becomes large,we find that the vortices are shed from the D-cylinder in front of the plate,and the incoming vortices make the plate oscillate with large amplitude at the beginning and then slant laterally.Also,the amplitude becomes smaller compared to the case of the small distance.


oscillation;vortex wakes;flexible body;fluidstructure interactions(FSI)


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