Research on particle size distribution in rectangular turbulent channel flow


Fu-jun Gan 1,Jian-zhong Lin 1,21 State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power Transmission and Control,Zhejiang University 2 College of Metrology and Measurement Engineering,China Jiliang University Hangzhou,China


Large eddy simulations of threedimensional particle-laden turbulent channel flow are performed for Re = 13800.The flow results are validated using the experimental data and good agreements are achieved.TEMOM is employed to deal with PGDE,which describes PSD,involving the effect of shearinduced coagulation,which is greatly affected by the effects of turbulent transport and preferential concentration,represented by radial relative velocity and radial distribution function,respectively.Particles with four different stokes number are considered to study the above effects on the evolution of PSD.In the results,the distributions of particle number concentration,polydispersity,particle diameter are detailed discussed.


turbulent channel flow;large eddy simulation;Taylor-series expansion moment method;relative velocity;preferential concentration.


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