The hydrodynamic model for simulating the motions of a ship moored near the quay in waves


Ming-chung Fang;Bou-chaun Hsu;Joe-ming Yang;


In this study,a hydrodynamic mathematical model for simulating the motions of a ship moored near the quay in waves is presented.The related hydrodynamic coefficients such as the added mass,damping coefficient and wave exciting force are calculated by the two-dimensional source distribution method.The strip theory is then applied to integrate the whole ship hydrodynamic characteristics along the ship length and the ship motion behaviors in waves can be obtained through the equations of motions.The bank effects are treated by using the image method which is similar to the treatments of the twin hull ship except the differences on some coupled hydrodynamic forces.The time domain simulation technique is made to analyze the motions deeply by using the 4th order Runge-Kutta method.Different wave conditions are considered with respect to different clearances between the ship and bank and shallow water effect is neglected for simplicity.The present results will be helpful for the design on the ship mooring system arrangement near the quay or the wharf.


Hydrodynamic;bank effect;mooring;fender;tension.


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