Comparison of wave fields caused by four proposed beach nourishment schemes in Beidaihe,China


Cui-ping Kuang,Lu-lu He,Yu Zhang,Yi Pan,Shu-gang Liu Department of Hydraulic Engineering,College of Civil Engineering,Tongji University Shanghai,China Zhang Jia-bo,Yang Yan-xiong Qinhuangdao Mineral Resource and Hydrogeological Brigade,Hebei Geological Prospecting Bureau Qinhuangdao,China


The erosion of west beach in Beidaihe has become severe in the recent years.In order to nourish the beach,four different engineering nourishment schemes are proposed.As a near shore project,wave is the main force in the sea area of west beach.Based on the information above,wave fields in the sea area of west beach under both ordinary wave condition(S,H s =0.7m,T=3.2s) and strong wave condition(NE,H s =1.5m,T=4.7s) are analyzed.The result shows that beach nourishment with two jetties and three submerged breakwaters protects the west beach most effectively.


Beach nourishment;SWAN model;wave field;Beidaihe.


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