Research on the gas-leakage rate of unsteady ventilated supercavity


Wang Zou 1,Kai-ping Yu 1,Xiao-hui Wan 2 The School of Astronautics,Harbin Institute of Technology Harbin,China


The mechanism of gas-leakage is a basic problem of the unsteady ventilated supercavitation theory.This paper is devoted to the problem and presents a calculation formula of gas-leakage rate.The rate of volume change of supercavity is numerically calculated based on Logvinovich's Principle and the empirical formula.The dimensionless gasleakage rate formula is established by the nonlinear least square method based on the mass balance equation of gas.The formula and the existing quasistationary formula are respectively used to simulate the unsteady supercavity.The simulations are compared with the results from experiment.The result demonstrates that the formula is effective.


Logvinovich's Principle;unsteady supercavity;gas-leakage rate.


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