Simulation of unsteady artificial supercavities


Guang Feng 1,Wei-zheng Chen,Xue-sen Chu,Zhi Wang,Ming-hui Zhang,Wei-qi Chen 1 China Ship Scientific Research Center,Wuxi,China


The ventilated cavity in acceleration process for a supercavitating vehicle was simulated in this paper based on the independent expansion principle of cavity section.The unsteady artificial super-cavities were simulated under the condition of a straight navigation at the fixed depth.The hydrodynamic schemes of gas leakage from the cavity,the gravity effect and the angle of attack of the cavitator were taken into account in the simulation.By calculation for the supercavity of the acceleration process,a good ventilating rule was summarized as follows:a large ventilating rate lasts about 0.3s,then the ventilating rate should be reduced to the rate corresponding to the cruising state.


supercavity,acceleration process,ventilation


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