Study on High-intensity RCC and Aggregate Production Workmanship for Longtan Dam


Tan Jianping Yang Lei Mid-South Design & Research Institute,CHECC,Changsha 410014,China,


<正>The paper briefly presents the design features of the aggregate and concrete production systems for Longtan dam.Longtan RCC gravity dam features a dam height of 216.5 m,a large quantity of RCC placement and high construction intensity.The aggregate production system with a handling capacity of 2500 t/h is the largest one servicing for the hydropower projects in China.It is the first time in Chinese hydropower field to employ a large mobile crushing machine for primary crushing,a large cylinder-type rock washing machine for aggregate washing and a long-distance belt conveyer(4.0 km)for concrete aggregate transportation.The concrete production system has a design capacity of 1080 m~3/h.The forced batching plants(2×6 m~3)with a production capacity of 110×10~3 m~3/month for one plant are first employed for RCC production in Chinese hydropower field.


concrete aggregate;;RCC;;workmanship;;long-distance belt conveyer


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