On Constacyclic Codes over Z_(p_1p_2…p_t)


Derong XIE;Qunying LIAO;College of Mathematical Science, Sichuan Normal University;


College of Mathematical Science, Sichuan Normal University;


Let t ≥ 2 be an integer, and let _(p_1, ···, p_t)be distinct primes. By using algebraic properties, the present paper gives a sufficient and necessary condition for the existence of non-trivial self-orthogonal cyclic codes over the ring Z_(p_1p_2···p_t)and the corresponding explicit enumerating formula. And it proves that there does not exist any self-dual cyclic code over Z_(p_1p_2···p_t).


Ideal;;Isomorphism;;Constacyclic code;;Self-orthogonal code;;Self-orthogonal cyclic code


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