Preparation and Property of Nano-Ag/illite Composite Material


WANG Shu-Jiang;YANG Yong-Heng;WEN Chun-Yang;ZHANG Guo-Kui;YUAN Chun-Hui


School of Chemical Engineering, Changchun University of Technology;School of Chemical Engineering, Changchun University of Technology;School of Chemical Engineering, Changchun University of Technology;School of Chemical Engineering, Changchun University of Technology;School of Chemical Engineering, Changchun University of Technology


High-content nano-Ag/illite composite was prepared through the procedures of hydrothermal modification of illite, microwave-assisted upload and ultraviolet lamp irradiation reduction of Ag. Its structure, morphology, particle size, and the affinity of Ag and illite were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), infrared spectra (FT-IR), scanning electron microscope (SEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM), and laser particle size distribution analyzer. The results showed that the modified illite became thicker due to the distracted layers, showing flower-like shape. In the meantime, the adsorption performance and ion-exchange capacity of the modified illite were obviously enhanced. Through microwave-assisted upload and ultraviolet reduction of Ag, the uniformed Ag nano-particles were dispersed highly on the surface of illite and interacted closely to illite. The Ag content in nano-Ag/illite composite was up to 27.66%. The antibacterial activities of nano-Ag/illite composites against Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli were investigated by the inhibition zone test. The results showed that this composite material had excellent antibacterial activity against both S. Aureus and E. Coli, and the maximum antibacterial sizes were up to 5.68 mm and 6.84 mm, respectively. Furthermore, the unique lamellar structure and significant adsorption capacities of illite helped a lot to immobilize more bacteria and improved the antibacterial activity.


nano-Ag;illite;hydrothermal synthesis;modified;inhibition zone


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