Comparison of electromagnetism behavior of different content cobalt-zinc ferrite loaded with graphene


MA Zhijun;MANG Changye;ZHAO Haitao;GUAN Zhihao;CHENG Liang


College of Mining, Liaoning Technical University;College of Mining, Liaoning Technical University;College of Mining, Liaoning Technical University;College of Mining, Liaoning Technical University;College of Mining, Liaoning Technical University


A kind of graphene composite (rGO/Co 0.5Zn 0.5Fe 2O 4) was synthesized with the graphene oxide (GO) prepared from natural flake graphite and cobalt-zinc ferrite (Co 0.5Zn 0.5Fe 2O 4) manufactured by the hydrothermal method. The structure of composites was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman spectrometer (Raman) and the Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR). The morphology, electromagnetic loss properties, Debye relaxation, and microwave absorbing properties of rGO/Co 0.5Zn 0.5Fe 2O 4 were investigated by transmission electron microscope (TEM) and vector network analyser (VNA). The sharp peak of graphene oxide was changed from 2 θ = 9.74° to 24.15° in the XRD patterns and the oxygen functional group disappeared after the composite reaction, which demonstrated that GO was successfully reduced to rGO. The graphene was embedded with cobalt-zinc ferrite, observed by transmission electron microscope, with its dispersion worse with the loaded Co 0.5Zn 0.5Fe 2O 4 increasing. The absorbing property of rGO/Co 0.5Zn 0.5Fe 2O 4 composite prepared with w(Co 0.5Zn 0.5Fe 2O 4):w(GO) = 2:1 was the best with the minimum reflectivity of ?36.89 dB at 15.11 GHz and the effective absorption frequency bandwidth of 3.74.


graphene;composite materials;cobalt-zinc ferrite;electromagnetic behavior;graphene oxide


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