Genetic modification of the carbon catabolite repressor gene,creA,in Talaromyces stipitatus EMM for enhanced cellulase and xylanase production


Zhiyi Zhou;Zhang Huirong;Youhong Zhang;Anli Geng;


<正>Talaromyces stipitatus EMM is a cellulase hyper-producing mutant that originated from T.stipitatus OPC4.It was able to produce cellulase in high titer and yield with good thermal stability.In order to further improve the strain's enzyme composition,genetic modification is conducted.Firstly,a uracil auxotroph(strain EMU6)was isolated by its resistance to 5-fluoroorotic acid after UV mutagenesis of T.stipitatus EMM.A wild-type pyrF gene encoding orotate phosphoribosyl transferase(OPRTase,EC T.




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