Structure-based enzyme engineering combined with kinetic profiling of substrate libraries:alcohol dehydrogenases for efficient synthesis of bulky chiral alcohols


Yao Nie;Yan Xu;Rong Xiao;Gaetano T.Montelione;Thomas Szyperski;


<正>The alcohol dehydrogenase(ADH)-catalyzed reduction of prochiral ketones offers a valuable synthetic route given the chemo-,regio-,and stereoselectivity of this class of enzymes.However,most naturally occurring enzymes exhibit a rather narrow substrate profile.In contrast,ketones with two bulky groups are important precursors for anti-depressant,anti-asthmatic,cholesterol-lowering,and a-or(3-adrenergic drugs.Recently,we characterized the carbonyl reductase from Candida parapsilosis(CpRCR)




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