A new era of biocatalysis:tailor-making biocatalyst towards bioproducts


Dongzhi Wei;Hualei Wang;Jingping Lin;Yuhong Ren;Fengqing Wang;Xin Gao;Kang Yao;


Manufacturing of bioproducts,such as pharmaceutics,food and cosmetic additives,chemicals etc.,has stepped into a new era,where cell factory or molecular machine will play more and more important role for meeting the requirements of mankind.In the recent years,tailor-design has been paid much attention in the area of biosynthesis and biotransformation since it will deeply influence the bioprocess.By means of combination of the advanced methods and techniques coming from different discipline,such as bioinformatics,computational biology,molecular biology,enzyme engineering,biocatalysis,synthetic biology and so on,a novel enzyme could be created,an existing enzyme could be redesigned and reconstructed,even a microorganism could be reedited and reassembled towards the expected valuable compound.In this presentation,some established cases will be shared and analyzed.




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