The modes of action of ChiIII,a chitinase from mushroom Coprinopsis cinerea,shift with changes in the length of GlcNAc oligomers


Xin Niu;Zhong-Hua Liu;Sheng Yuan;


A putative class III endochitinase(Chilli)was reported previously be expressed dominantly in fruiting bodies of Coprinopsis cinerea and its expression levels increased with the maturation of the fruiting bodies.Here,we further report that Chilli is a novel chitinase with exo-and endo-activities.When the substrate is(GlcNAc)_(3-5),Chilli exhibited exo-activity,releasing GlcNAc processively from the reducing end of(GlcNAc)_(3-5);when the substrate is(GlcNAc)6-7,the activity of Chilli shifted to an endo-acting enzyme,randomly splitting chitin oligosaccharides to various shorter oligosaccharides.This shift in the mode of action of Chilli may be related to its stronger hydrolytic capacity to degrade chitin in fungal cell walls.The predicted structure of Chilli shows that it lacks the<x+|3 domain insertion,however,its substrate binding cleft seems to be deeper than common endochitinases but shallower and more open than common exochitinases,which may be related to its exo-and endo-hydrolytic activities.


chitinase;;Coprinopsis cinerea;;chitin;;chitin oligosaccharide;;fungal cell walls


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