Multienzymatic synthesis of ursodeoxycholic acid from chenodeoxycholic acid


Ming-Min Zheng;Ru-Feng Wang;Ke-Cai Chen;Chun-Xiu Li;Jian-He Xu;


<正>As a type of traditional Chinese medicine,animal bile has a significant pharmaceutical function and value for unique clinical applications.Ursodeoxycholic acid(UDCA),a kind of endogenous bile acid,has various pharmaceutical applications related to its beneficial effects on solubilizing gallstone acid,improving liver engraftment and treating reflux gastritis,biliary pancreatitis,alcohol liver,primary biliary cirrhosis and drug-induced hepatitis diseases.7β-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase(7P-HSDH)is a key enzyme for the efficient biosynthesis of UDCA.A new 7β-HSDH from Ruminococcus torques ATCC




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