Induction-independent production of cellulases in Trichoderma reesei


Fanglin Zheng;Xinxing Lv;Chunyan Li;Wang Lei;Weixin Zhang;Guanjun Chen;Weifeng Liu;


Trichoderma reesei represents an important workhorse for industrial production of cellulases as well as other proteins.The large-scale production is usually performed in a substrate-inducing manner achieved by a fine-tuned cooperation of a suite of transcription factors.Their production and subsequent analysis are,however,often either difficult to manipulate or complicated by the concomitant production of other inducible proteins.Here we developed an alternative system to control gene expression,which was highly responsive to copper availability based on the promoter of a copper transporter encoding gene tcul.The usefulness of the system was illustrated not only by the high-level expression of specific cellulases when cultivated on D-glucose or glycerol as the sole carbon source,but also by achieving the constitutive cellulase expression through controlling the expression of the main transcription activator of hydrolases(Xylanase regulator 1)under the control of tcul promoter.Moreover,the amount and activities of cellulases produced by the recombinant strain on glycerol or glucose fully recapitulated those of the parental strain produced on Avicel.The filter paper activities were further enhanced by overexpressing a p-glucosidase gene under non-inducing carbon sources.The developed system thus holds great potential of further improving cellulase production in a more straightforward way in T.reesei


Trichoderma reesei;;Copper responsive promoter;;XYR1;;Cellulase;;Carbon catabolite repression


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