Regio- and stereospecific reduction of 17-oxosteroids to17β-hydroxystero- ids by a yeast strain Zygowilliopsis sp.WY7905


Yuanyuan Liu;Yu Wang;Xi Chen;Qiaqing Wu;Min Wang;Dunming Zhu;


<正>17β-reduction is one of the important transformations for the preparation of many steroidal drugs and intermediates such as testosterone(TS),17β-estradiol,1,2-dehydrotestosterone[1].Now microbial17β-reduction of 17-oxosteroids was envisaged as a promisingly convenient,friendly and effective method for the production of 17β-hydroxysteroids comparing with chemical synthesis.The strain Zygowilliopsis sp.




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  • [1] Marina V. Donova;;Olga V. Egorova;;Vera M. Nikolayeva, Steroid 17β-reduction by microorganisms—a review, Process Biochemistry,

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