A new method for determination of xylose content based on enzyme electrode technique


Jinling Zhang;Sirong Zhu;Guangheng Gao;Liqun Zhang;Xiaohua Zhao;Chunyuan Bi;Jianguo Shi;


Lignocellulose is the most abundant renewable resources.It can be converted into high value-added products fuel ethanol through a certain treatment.As a large agricultural country we are,the crop resources are extremely rich.Along with the rapid development of our country's economy and the rising standard of living,the utilization of agricultural wastes such as rice straw and corncob with rich hemicellulose has been gradually aroused by governments and enterprises.It will become one of the important research fields.We began to study the enzyme electrode in the 1980s,but most of the basic electrode use O_2 electrode.It is rare to report the use of composite H_2O_2 electrode composition of the enzyme electrode.In this paper,a new method for the determination of xylose based on enzyme electrode technique was developed by using pyranose oxidase combined with H_2O_2 electrode.The specific method was sampling25uL sample with 50uL microinjector in to a reaction tank,then pyranose oxidase reacts with xylose specifically.The hydrogen peroxide resulting from the react produced electron transfer on the surface of the electrode.The built-in electronic component converts the electric signal into digital signal,then we can get the content of the xylose quickly and conveniently.The method is simple,accurate and reproducible.Its advantages are accuracy and high accuracy,in addition,the method does not require complex pretreatment.The linear range of ezyme electrode:Omg/dL~10mg/dL,the measurement error of each point were less than 2%,the response time is 20s.It has good stability after installing in the instrument,enzyme membrane can repeat the determination of more than 1,000 times under the of the normal operation.And the determination does not produce any toxic gas or sewage sludge,complying with green environmental protection and energy conservation policies.


Biosensor;;Enzyme Electrode;;H_2O_2;;Immobilization;;Xylose


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