Syntheses and Crystal Structure Characterizations of New Rare Earth Copper Bismuth Compounds RE CuBi_2(RE=La,Gd and Dy)


Lu Yuming, Yang Xinxin, Chen HaohongZhao Jingtai~*(1.State Key Laboratory of High Performance Ceramics and Superfine Microstructure,Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200050, China)


The title new compounds with chemical formula RE CuBi_2 were synthesized by arc melting method followed by annealing. The crystal structures refined using Rietveld method and X-ray powder diffraction data show to be isotypic to CaMnBi_2 structure type with space group P4/nmm(No.129). The unit cell parameters are a=(0.457946(4)nm),c=0.98858(2)nm, V=0.207319(8)nm~3 for LaCuBi_2, a=0.449279(9)nm, c= 0.95958(4)nm, V= 0.19369(2)nm~3 for GdCuBi_2 and a=0.447680(7)nm, c=0.95124(3)nm,V=0.190644(5)nm~3 for DyCuBi_2 respectively, showing lanthanide contraction. The structure is characterized by layers of edge-shearing CuBi_4 tetrahedron and covalently bonded Bi square net separated by rare earth atoms.


intermetallics;copper; bismuth;rare earths


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