Effect of Preparation Method on Surface Area and Crystalline Form of CeO_2-ZrO_2 Solid Solution


Wang Xiaohong, Guo Yun, Lu Guanzhong~*, Guo Yanglong, Wang Yunsong(, Zhang Zhigang, Liu Xiaohui(Laboratory for Advanced Materials, Research Institute of Industrial Catalysis, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai 200237, China)


The CeO_2-ZrO_2 solid solutions were prepared by a reverse microemulsion method. The effect of preparation parameters on the surface area and crystalline form of the solid solutions were studied by the BET surface area and XRD analysis. The studies indicate that the separation of the microemulsion phase during the preparation procedure can decrease the specific surface area of sample, adding hydrogen peroxide in the matrix solution can increase the specific surface area and stability of sample. The surface area of sample calcined at 550 ℃ for 5 h is 149 m~2·g~(-1), and that calcined at 900 ℃ for 6 h is 88 m~2·g~(-1). The sample with tetragonal symmetry Ce_(0.5)Zr_(0.5)O_2 phase has a higher stability.


reverse microemulsion method; preparation; CeO_2-ZrO_2 solid solution; high surface area; crystalline form; rare earths


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