Synthesis and Characterization of Large Surface Area Yttrium Oxide by Precipitation Method


Cui Dali, Long Zhiqi~* , Zhang Shunli Cui Meisheng, Huang Xiaowei(Grirem Advanced Materials Corporation Limited, General Research Institute for Non-Ferrous Metals, Beijing 100088, China)


The method for preparing yttrium oxide with large specific surface area was introduced. By means of BET, SEM, TG and DTA analysis, the effects of precipitant, stirring velocity, non-RE impurity in solution, calcination temperature, on the surface area were studied respectively. The Y_2O_3 sample with specific surface area of more than 60 m~2·g~(-1) and L.O.I less than 1% was prepared in the suitable precipitation condition and calcinations temperature when the ammonia used as precipitant. The SEM shows that the Y_2O_3 prepared with large surface area is the aggregation of about 50 nm particles.


surface area; yttrium oxide; morphology; precipitation method; rare earths


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