Preparation of Well Dispersed and Ultra-Fine Ce(Zr)O_2 Mixed Oxide by Mechanochemical Processing


Cheng Changming, Li Yongxiu~*, Zhou Xuezhen, Chen Weifan(Rare Earth Technology Research Center, Nanchang Univeisity, Nanchang 330047, China)


Ultra-fine CeO_2-ZrO_2 mixed oxide was successfully synthesized by wet-solid phase mechanochemical processing, Ce_2(CO_3)_3·8H_2O, ZrOCl_2·xH_2O and ammonia were used as reactants. It is found that the crystalline Ce_2(CO_3)_3·8H_2O and ZrOCl_2·xH_2O are changed to amorphous cerium and zirconium hydroxide precursor after milling with ammonia, and Ce_(0.15)Zr_(0.85)O_2 mixed oxide with pure tetragonal phase structure and medium particle size(D_(50))less than 1μm is formed by calcining precursor over 673 K. The XRD patterns indicate that the crystal unite size increases with rising calcining temperature due to crystal growth. However, the particle size and BET surface area of the Ce(Zr)O_2 mixed oxide decreases with rising calcining temperature, which may be attributed to the contract of particles and the vanish of holes inside grains.


ceria-zirconia mixed oxide; ultra-fine powders; mechanochemical process; rare earths


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