Adsorption Behaviors and Mechanism of Macroporous PhosphonicAcid Resin for Gadolinium


Wu Xiangmei~1,Xiong Chunhua,Yao Caiping~2 (1. Department of Chemistry, Lishui University, Lishui 323000, China; 2. College of Food Science, Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou 310035, China)


The adsorption behaviors and mechanism of a novel chelate resin, macroporous phosphonic acid resin(PAR)for Gd(Ⅲ)were investigated. The statically and dynamically saturated adsorption capacity is respectively 308 mg·g~(-1)resin and 296 mg·g~(-1)resin at 298 K in HAc-NaAc medium at pH 5.6. Gd(Ⅲ)adsorbed on PAR can be reductively eluted by 0.5~5.0 mol·L~(-1) HCl used as eluant and the elution percentage is up to 94.7% in 1.0 mol·L~(-1) HCl. The resin can be regenerated and reused without apparent decrease in adsorption capacity. The apparent adsorption rate constant is k_(298)=3.96×10~(-5) s~(-1). The adsorption behavior of PAR for Gd(Ⅲ) conforms to the Freundlich isotherm. The thermodynamic adsorption parameter, enthalpy change △H of PAR for Gd(Ⅲ)is 22.6kJ·mol~(-1). The apparent adsorption activation energy(Ea)of PAR for Gd(Ⅲ)is 5.0 kJ·mol~(-1). The molar coordination ratio of the functional group of PAR to Gd(Ⅲ)is about 3∶1. The adsorption mechanism of PAR for Gd(Ⅲ)was examined by using chemical method and IR spectrometry.


macroporous phosphonic acid resin, gadolinium, adsorption, mechanism;rar earths


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