Luminescent Properties of Samarium Ion in Calcium Molybdate


Hu Yunsheng(1, 2), Zhuang Weidong(~(1 *), Ye Hongqi~2(1. National Engineering Research Center for Rare Earth Materials, General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals, Grirem Advanced Materials Corpration Limited, Beijing 100088, China; 2. College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Central South University, Changsha 410083, China)


Trivalent samarium ion (Sm~(3+)) activated calcium molybdate (CaMoO_4) phosphor was prepared by solid-state reaction in air. The XRD pattern of the powder CaMoO_4∶Sm shows that the CaMoO_4∶Sm single phase is developed fully through our preparation procedure. The excitation spectrum of CaMoO_4∶Sm is composed of a broad absorption of host and some sharp lines of the f-f transition absorption of Sm~(3+). Illustrated in photoluminescence spectrum, CaMoO_4 doped with Sm~(3+) displays orange red emission that is ascribed to the inner 4f~5 electron transitions ~6H_(7/2)(orange)and ~6H_(9/2)(red)of Sm~(3+). Different from the sites of Sm~(3+) in CdWO_4, the Sm~(3+) ions substitute for the Ca~(2+) and form only one type emission center in the CaMoO_4 crystal lattice.


photoluminescence; calcium molybdate; samarium, rare earths


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