Co-Precipitation Preparation and Luminescent Behavior of(Y,Gd)BO_3∶Eu Phosphor


Yu Zhijian Huang Xiaowei)~*, Zhuang Weidong), Cui Xiangzhong, He Huaqiang, Li Hongwei)(National Engineering Center for Rare Earth Materials, General Research Institute for Non-Ferrous Metals,Grirem Advanced Materials Corporation Limited, Beijing 100088, China)


Y,Gd)BO_3∶Eu phosphors were prepared by co-precipitation precursors, and luminescent properties were investigated. The precursors were synthesized by introducing hydroxyl ion to mixed solution of rare earth nitrates and boric acid, either through adding ammonia(precursor 1)or through controlled release of hydroxyl ion of urea(precursor 2). The precursors were fired in air at 1000 ℃ for 2 h. Resulted phosphor synthesized with precursor 1 has non-uniformed particle with mean diameter of about 3 μm, while that with precursor 2 exhibits uniformed near spherical-like morphology with mean diameter of about 300 nm. Phosphors with the two methods exhibit same crystal structure as that of commercial one. Emission spectra of the samples indicate that the sample prepared with precursor 2 shows relative higher intensity(exited by 172 nm VUV)than that prepared with the other precursor.


PDP; red phosphor; co-precipitation; fine particle; rare earths


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