Catalytic Performance of Ce/Zr Oxides Catalysts for Soot Combustion


Zhu Ling,Wang Xuezhong2, Hao Zhengping(1.Research Center of Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academiy of Sciences, Beijing 100085,China; 2.Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Beijing 100012,China)


Catalytic performances of a series Ce/Zr oxides(Ce_xZr_(1-x)O_2)for soot combustion were investigated. The catalytic activities for soot combustion were affected by both the Ce/Zr ratio and the oxygen storage capability of Ce/Zr oxides. O_2-TPD and TG-DTA results indicate that Ce_xZr_(1-x)O_2 can release its lattice oxygen continuously and promote soot combustion even no oxygen occurs in the reaction atmosphere. Among these Ce/Zr oxides, Ce_(0.5)Zr_(0.5)O_2 has the best catalytic activity, and the ignition temperature of soot combustion was about 410 ℃, which is close to the practical exhaust temperature of the diesel engine.


Ce_xZr_(1-x)O_2; soot; catalytic combustion; rare earths


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