Nano Lanthanum Oxide Preparation by Alkalescent Ammonium Citrate System and Its Primary Biological Effect


Wang JiachengYang Jun Liu Xiangsheng Huang Xiaowei, (Fan Yubin), Wu Yanping)(1.Beijing General Research Institutes for Nonferrous Metals,Beijing 100088, China; 2. National Rare Earth Center for Agriculture,Beijing 100088,China; 3.Grirem Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd, Beijing 100088,China)


Using alkalescent ammonium(AAC)as precipitatnt, the diameter of nano La_2O_3 powder with diameter in 80 nm and less was prepared by the method of homogeneous precipitation, and reactant concentration, temperature and pH were studied and confirmed. The best precipitated concentration is from 0.2 to 0.5 mol·L~(-1), and the diameter of compounded powder turns small as the temperature gradually becomes high, and the pH from 6 to 8 is the best and the concentration of precipitant does not affect the diameter of compounded powder significantly. Meanwhile, most experiments lasting for fifty days in the greenhouse, and the results are 0.2 g·kg~(-1) nano La_2O_3 powder is enorgh for increasing biomass by 133% compared with that of the CK.


nano La_2O_3 alkalescent ammonium citrate; homogeneous precipitation; biological effect; rare earths


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