Preparation of Undoped LaCl_3 Crystal and Its Luminescence Properties


Pei Yu, Ren Guohao , Chen Xiaofeng, Qin Laishun Li Zhongbo (Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201800, China)


<正> In this paper, undoped LaCl3 crystal growth was reported by modified Bridgman method. The starting materials used as charge for crystal growth was found to contain seven to three crystallized water molecules, and dehydration will take place when heating the raw materials at about 230 ℃for several hours. The oxidization of LaCl3 during dehydration and growth can be avoided by adding a special scanvenger into the growing system. The grown LaCl3 crystals are colorless and transparent, but very hygroscopic. Their optical cut-off edge was confirmed to be 220 nm. UV excited and X-ray induced emission spectra were measured at room temperature, whose peak is at 405 nm.


rare-earth trihalide; crystal growth; optical properties


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