Sol-Gel Preparation of LaNiO_3 and Its Physical and Chemical Properties


Lu Jianshu , Zhou Caiming , Wei Gaoyao ( Collage of chemical Engineering and Materials, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou 310014, China; Zhuji Bafang Battery Factory, Zhuji 311801, China)


<正> LaNiO3 was synthesized by sol-gel method in which lanthanum nitrate and nickel nitrate were used as start materials and citric acid was used as complex for gel formation. The precursor was dried and subsequently heated at elevated temperature to form the desired product. XRD analysis shows that pure LaNiO3 was synthesized. Electrical conductivity and electrochemical performance of the material were tested. The electrical conductivity decreases from 34.5 to 4.7 S ·cm-1 as temperature increases from 30 to 200 ℃. Cyclic voltametry test in acidic methanol solution shows that there are current peaks in the curve, which is the evidence of the electrochemical activity of LaNiO3.


lanthanum nickelate; catalysis; sol-gel method


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