Study on Extracting Rare Earth from Sulfate System by Long-Chain Fatty Acid


Xu Yanhui;Zhao Zengqi;Liu Quansheng (Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earth, Baotou 014010, China; Inner Mongolia Polytechnic University, Hu- hehaote 010062, China)


<正> The extraction of rare earths by long-chain fatty acid in kerosene from sulphate system was described. It was demonstrated from the experimental results that the ratio of kerosene : fatty acid : isooctanol = 55 : 30 : 15 ( V/V), dense ammonia as the saponification agent , saponification value 0.4 mol ·L-1, was a preferable process parameters. By the saturation capability method and the slope method, the extracted reaction mechanism of the extraction of rare earth was studied. It is shown that the extraction reaction conform to the cation exchange reaction mechanism. The extracted sequence of rare earth was determined in this system and it is shown that there is no tetrad effect and the position of yttrium is between lanthanum and cerium.


extraction; long-chain fatty acid; rare earths


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