Study on Improving Solidification Structure of Rare Earth Al-Si Alloys with Electropulse Acting on Liquid Alloy


Cui Heng ,Cang Daqiang ,Zong Yanbing ,Li Lingzhen ,He Peng ,Mo Zhiying (School of Metallurgy and Ecology Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, China)


<正> Electropulse modification (EPM) process, a new physical field method for improving the solidification structure of metals was introduced. Different from other research, EPM is only acting pulse current on melt under liquid state. The solidification structure of Al-Si alloys, Al-Cu alloys,cast iron and steel can be modified obviously with this method: the solidification structure of ZL101 alloy presented the Na and Sr modification and the mechanical properties were enhanced; a large number of primary silicon appeared in the microstructure of ZL109 alloy; the equiaxed grain zone was expanded and the grains were fined in Al-5. 0wt% Cu alloy; the graphitization took place in solidification process of molten cast iron; the grain sizes of solidification structure of T8 steel were reduced significantly and the shape of steel pearlites also changed; the equiaxed grain zone increased to 88% from original untreated 19% , the equiaxed grains were fined and the intercrystalline crack was avoided in concasting billet by continuously treating liquid electrical sheet steel in tundish. Effects of rare earths on casting Al-Si alloys were also summarized. The method of modifying the solidification structure of rare earth Al-Si alloys with EPM in producing the alloys was proposed.


electropulse modification; Al-Si alloy; solidification structure; rare earths


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