Study of Magnetic Entropy Changes in Gd_(1-x) T_x ( T = Ti, Cr, Fe and Cu) Alloys


Wang Dunhui, Huang Songling , Han Zhida, Zhang Jianrong Du Youwei ( National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures, Department of Physics, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China)


<正> Magnetic refrigeration techniques based on the magnetocaloric effect (MCE) were demonstrated as a promising alternative to conventional vapour-cycle refrigeration. Recently, scientists focused their research on room temperature magnetic refrigeration. The rare earth Gd metal is regarded as a prototype for room temperature magnetic refrigerant. Considering the various requirements in application, it is necessary to search for the magnetic refrigerant possessing qualities as good as Gd but having different TC above or below room temperature. In this article, we report the magnetic entropy changes in Gd1-xTx(T = Ti, Cr, Fe and Cu) alloys. With a small quantity of T atoms introduced in Gd, the Curie temperature increases. The values of magnetic entropy change in these alloys are almost the same as or a little less than that of Gd. But the refrigerant capacities of these alloys are obviously larger than that of Gd. All these facts suggest that Gd1-xTx(T = Ti, Cr, Fe and Cu) alloys may be good refrigerants for room temperature magnetic refrigeration.


magnetic entropy change;rare earths


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