Manufacturing of Injection-Molded NdFeB Magnet with (BH) _(max) 111 kJ·m~(-3)


Duan Bohua, Qu Xuanhui , Xu Zhengzhou , Guo Shibo Qin Mingli ( State Key Laboratory for Powder Metallurgy , Central South University , Changsha 410083 , China; Beijing Key Laboratory for Advanced Powder Metallurgy & Paniculate Materials , University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, China)


<正> The bonded NdFeB magnets prepared by injection molding meet with the development tendency of the magnet in small volume, light weight and high performance ,and have a good prospect. In this paper, a modified nylon-based binder was developed for powder injection molding of NdFeB bonded magnets. The effects of pretreatment of NdFeB anisotropic magnetic powder produced with HDDR processing on the anti-oxidation behaviors of powder and the final magnetic properties of the molded bonded magnets were studied. The optimal powder loading of 65 vol% was a-chieved with the modified binder. It was found that the properties of the bonded magnets were mainly affected by the powder surface pretreatment and the intensity of the applied alignment magnetic field during injection molding for a certain powder. Bonded magnets with remanence of 0.820 T, intrinsic coercivity of 1140. 3 kA ·m-1 and maximum ener-gy product of 111 kJ ·m -3 were produced with the optimal processing.


injection molding; bonded NdFeB magnet; surface treatment; alignment magnetic field; magnetic material ; rare earths


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