Effect of Addition of Al on Crystal Structure Microtexture and Magnetostriction Coefficient in Tb_(0.3) Dy_(0.7) Fe_(1.95) Alloy


Jiang Liping, Zhao Zengqi, Wu Shuangxia, Huang Jimin Zuo Liang (School of Material and Metallurgy, Northeast University, Shenyang 110004, China; Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earth, Baotou 014010, China)


<正> The effect of addition of Al on crystal structure microtexture and magnetostrictioncoefflcient in Tb0.3 Dy0.7 Fe1.95 alloy were studied. The results show that addition of Al does not change crystal structure of alloy and the precipitates increase in the microtexture as addition of Al increases. At a certain magnetic field, magnetostriction coefficient changed with addition of Al. when magnetic fieldwas smaller than 40 kA ·m-1, there was a peak in magnetostriction coefficient as addition of Al increased. When magnetic fields was higher than 40 kA ·m-1, magnetostriction coefficient decreased as addition of Al increased.


magnetostriction; Tb-Dy-Fe alloy; microtexture;rare earths


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