Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Ba_2 MgSi_2O_7 : Eu~(2+) under UV Excitation


Shi Yanning, He Dawei, Liang Zhongyi (Ministry of Education Key Lab, Lab of Materials for Information Storage and Display, Institute of Photoelectron Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044, China)


<正> Eu2+ activated pyrosilicate phosphor were prepared under a reducing atmosphere by solid-state reaction. The crystal structure of Ba2MgSi2O7: Eu2+ was analyzed by XRD method. The excitation spectrum of Ba2MgSi2O7: Eu2+ is composed of two broad bands centered at about 310 nm and 395 nm respectively. In the emission spectra, the peak wavelength is at about 507 nm under 380 nm UV excitation. It was found that the introduction of Zn2+ into Ba2MgSi2O7: Eu2+ can effectively increase its emission intensity without changing the position of emission peak. And the Eu2+ and Ce3+ codoped pyrosilicate phosphor is the efficient bluish green phosphor under the excitation of long UV light and its emission intensity is stronger than Eu2+ doped pyrosilicate phosphor.


luminescence; pyrosilicate; long UV excitation; rare earths


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