Research of Luminescence Properties on MO-RE_2O_3-B_2O_3:Eu, Mn(M=Mg, Ca, Sr;RE=Y, La, Gd)


Liang Zhongyi , He Dawei, Shi Yanning ( Ministry of Education Key Lab, Lab of Materials for Information Storage and Display, Institute of Photoelectmn Technology, Northern Jiao Tong University, Beijing 100044, China)


<正> A series of phosphor of MO-RE2O3-B2O3: Eu,Mn(M=Mg,Ca,Sr;RE=Y,La,Gd)were prepared and studied. Excitation spectra exhibited high absorption in UV region (370-400 nm). There existed two valence states for europium ions Eu2+ and Eu 3+ , the broad emission band peaking at 515 nm correspond to the 5d-4f emission transition of Eu2+, the sharp emission peaking at 590 and 610 nm correspond to the 5D→FJ(J=1,2,3,4) emission transition of Eu3+. By the introduction of Mg and Y into MO-RE2O3-B2O3: Eu,blue-green emission was restrained ultimately and red emission peaking at 610 nm was enhanced strongly, intensity and colorimetric purity of red light were both enhanced. Furthermore, Mg1-xSrxO-Y2O3-B2O3: Eu was also researched, the introduction of Sr into MgO-Y2O3-B2O3: Eu gives rise to a shift to longer wavelengths of the position of the excitation peak, and the emission spectra varies with the increasing of x simultaneously.


luminescence; long wave-UV excitation; phosphor; rare earths


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