Effect of Sintering Time on Luminescent Properties of YAG: Ce3+ Phosphors


Xiong Zhaoxian, Song Chunxiao, Wu Wei Qiu Hong (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, China)


<正> Phosphors of yttrium aluminium garnet activated by cerium ion, a kind of yellow luminescent materials for white LED lighting, were synthesized via solid-state reaction route in air and then reducing atmospheres. Thermal analysis was conducted by DTA / TGA. Moreover, XRD patterns of phosphors show that pure cubic phase of Y3 Al5O12 is formed. Microstructures of the powders were observed by SEM. Luminescent spectra of the phosphors were also characterized by a spectrophotometer. The effect of sintering time on excitation and emission properties of the YAG: Ce3+ powders were systematically studied, resulting a best range of sintering time, 300-400 min, for maximal relative luminescent intensity.


phosphor; luminescent properties; rare earths


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