Preparation of Incompact Strontium Aluminate Phosphors


Luo Xixian, Xiao Zhiguo,Xia Wei,Cao Wanghe (Photoelectron Technology Institute,Dalian Maritime University,Dalian 116026,China;Dalian Luming Light Science & Technology Co. ,Ltd. , Dalian 116025, China)


<正> The incompact long afterglow pigment SrAl2O4: Eu,Dy was synthesized by ceramics technology. The agglomerated starting raw material had little effect on the synthesis of SrAl2O4 matrix through solid-state reaction method, but the shrinkage and densification was retarded greatly by the agglomerated powder by the formation of large and extensive pore network. The sintering mechanism is surface diffusion (without flux B2O3)and grain boundary diffusion (with B2O3 as flux) respectively, and the as-prepared long afterglow pigment glows in the dark for over 4000 min.


long afterglow; strontium aluminate; rare earths


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