Ultrasonic Degradation of Methyl Orange in Presence of Y_2O_3 Doping Anatase TiO_2 Catalyst


Wang Jun, Guo Baodong Pan Zhijun, Liu Zhenrong Wen Fuyu, Zhang Zhaohong (Department of Chemistry, Liaoning University, Shenyang, 110036 China)


<正> Various affecting factors and degradation mechanism were studied on ultrasonic degradation of methyl orange adopting Y2O3 doping anatase TiO2 catalyst prepared in laboratory. In the experiment, the UV-VIS spectrophotometer was used to follow and inspect the degradation process of methyl orange. The results indicate that the ultrasonic degradation ratios of methyl orange in the presence of anatase TiO2 catalyst are much better than those without catalyst. Moreover , the catalytic performance of Y2O3 doping anatase TiO2 catalyst is obviously higher than that of anatase TiO2 catalyst without doping. The optimal conditions were adopted in this work and the degradation and COD elimination ratio of methyl orange got to 98% and 99.0% in 90 min, respectively.


Y2O3 doping anatase TiO2 catalyst; ultrasonic degradation; methyl orange; rare earths


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