Effect of RE-Doped and RE Quantity of Ni-Based Catalysts on CH_4 /CO_2 Reforming Reaction


Yang Yifeng Li Xiancai Dai Chao Wang Chunfeng Chen Juanrong (Department of Chemistry, Nanchang University, Nanchang 330047, China)


<正> RE-doped Ni-based catalysts were prepared by sol-gel method. These catalysts were applied to the reaction of CO2 reforming CH4 to syngas. The studies reveal that RE-doped (RE = La, Ce, Sm, Yb) Ni-based catalysts show higher catalytic activity than undoped Ni-based catalyst, and with the increasing of RE-doped quantity, the catalytic activity of catalysts exhibits regular changes. When RE-doped quantity is 0. 2% (molar ratio), the catalysts show the best catalytic activity.


dope; BaTiO3; catalyst; rare earths


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