Oxides Catalysts of Rare Earth and Transient Metal for Catalytic Oxidation of Benzene


Liang Kun Li Rong Chen Jianjun Ma Jiantai (College of Chemistry and Chemic Engineering, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou 730000, China)


<正> The catalysts of CeO2 and the mixture of CeO2 and CuO were prepared, and the activities of these catalysts for completely oxidizing benzene were studied. The results show that the optimal proportion of CeO2/CuO is 6:4. The highest temperature at which benzene was completely oxidized on these catalysts at different airspeed was measured. Compared these catalysts with the noble metal used, our catalysts had superiority in the resources and the industrial cost besides good activities.


oxides catalysts of rare earth; benzene; complete oxidation; rare earths


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