Application of Rare Earth Oxides in Diesel Exhaust Purification Catalysts


Zhang Zhaoliang Yu Pengfei Wang Shilong Li Chunfeng Dai Hua (College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Jinan University, Jinan 250022, China;Hainan Liuhe Enviromental Protection Catalysts Co. Ltd. , Jinpan Industrial Development Zone, Haikou 570216, China)


<正> Diesel oxide catalysts and soot combustion catalysts were reported in this paper. The former was manufactured in mass last year, and enhanced performance is under development now. The later is screened out and further research is under way. The best soot combustion catalyst could ignite soot combustion even at 350 ℃, which is within the range of temperatures reached in diesel exhaust, and shows the catalytic combustion velocity nearly one time faster compared with non-catalytic combustion of soot, which is of benefit to rapid regeneration of diesel particulate filter, thus it might be an excellent practicable catalyst.


diesel oxidation catalyst; soot combustion catalyst; perovskite; rare earths


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