Effects of Rare Earths on Properties of Ti-Zr-Cu-Ni Base Brazing Filler Alloys


Ma Tianjun Kang Hui Wu Yongqin Qu Ping (School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100083, China)


<正> The effects of the addition of rare earths on the properties of Ti-Zr-Cu-Ni base brazing filler alloys and the mechanical microstructure and properties were studied for the brazed-joints in the vacuum brazing of TC4 by comparing synthetical properties of two kinds of filler metals. The results indicate that the filler metals added with rare earths have lower melting point, better wettability and higher mechanical properties in the brazing joints.


brazing filler alloys; TC4; Ti-Zr-Cu-Ni; rare earths


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