Effect of Rare Earth Element Ce on Microstructure and Properties of Aluminum Rod for Electrical Purpose


Li Pengfei Wang Yunli Gao Xizhu Wang Zaiyun (Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Huhhot 010062, China;Baotou Aluminum Co. Ltd, Baotou 014046, China)


<正> The effect of rare earth element Ce on microstructure, electrical conductivity and mechanical properties was studied. Using optical microscope, scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope and X-ray diffrac-tometer, the microstructure and phase composition of aluminum rod for electrical purpose were measured and analyzed. The results indicate that rare earth element Ce can considerably refine grain size of aluminum rod for electrical purpose, improve the regular distribution pattern of the impurity, such as silicon and iron which present in the aluminum matrix, form stable metal compound with pernicious impurity. This metal compound precipitates on the crystal boundary. As a result, the solid solubility of impurity in aluminum reduce, and the electrical conductivity of aluminum rod for electrical purpose is improved. It is found that the mechanical properties of aluminum rod for electrical purpose are improved by rare earth element in certain range of RE addition.


rare earth element; aluminum rod for electrical purpose; electrical conductivity; microstructure


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