Phase Structure and Electrochemical Properties of Rare Earth Based Hydrogen Storage Alloys


Chen Weidong Liu Xiangdong Liu Xiao Che Guangdong (School of Material Science and Technology, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Huhhot 010062, China)


<正> The rare earth based hydrogen storage alloys MmxM1 1-x( Ni3.55Co0.75Mn0.4 A10.3) (x=0-0.5) were investigated in this work. Adjusted Ml: Mm ratio to change the content of La,Ce,Pr and Nd in the alloys and then to change the phase structure, the influences of phase structure on the electrochemical properties were analyzed. The results indicate that the main phase of all alloys is LaNi5 with CaCu5 type structure and the crystal lattices constants of LaNi5 are changed with increasing x value, i. e, decreased α-axis, increased c-axis and axis ratio and nonlinear decreased crystal volume. The crystal volume of the alloy with x =0.3 is larger than others. There is second phase AlLaNi4 in alloys when x≥0. 3, which decrease the discharge capacity, but increase the cycling stability and high rate discharge ability. Compared comprehensively, the alloy with x =0.3 shows the higher discharge capacity and the better cycling stability.


rare earth based hydrogen storage alloy; phase structure; activation; discharge capacity; cycling stability; high rate discharge ability


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