Characteristic Investigation of Nano-Crystal Hydrogen Storage Alloys


Xiao Fangming Huang Lili Tang Renheng Lu Qiyun Peng Neng Wang Ying (Rare Earth Materials Research Center, Guangzhou Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals, Guangzhou 510651, China)


<正> A Ml(NiCoMnAl)5 hydrogen storage alloys was prepared by double-roller rapid quenching. Its microstruc ture, electrochemically and kinetic characteristic were studied. A uniform crystal phase with CaCu5 structure could be detected by XRD analyses, whose average grain size is 30-50 nm and the ratio of c/a of nano-crystal hydrogen storage alloy is larger. The hydrogen absorption/desertion p-C isotherms of alloy show that its flat-performance is perfect and the magnetic stagnant effect is very little. An simulate cell is used for electrochemical measurement. Electrode is charged at 300 mA ·g-1 (1C), then discharged at 2000 mA ·g-1 (7C) and 3000 mA ·g-1 (10C) to cut off potential of 0.9, 0.8 V, respectively. Electrochemically capacity reaches 250 and 230 mAh ·g-1 at the discharge ratio of 7C and 10C, the capacity decreasing rate via the 450 cycles at 7C is less than 20%.


nano-crystal; hydrogen storage alloys; electrochemically characteristic


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