Effect of Fe and Cu on Electrochemical Characteristics of Low-Co AB_5 Type Alloys


Zhu Xilin Zhou Yu Chong Fayao Li Xiaochun Pan Weilin (Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Ovonic Metal Hydride Co. , Ltd. , Baotou 014030, China)


<正> In order to further reduce the cost of AB5 type rare earth-based hydrogen storage alloy, a low-Co AB5 type hydrogen storage alloy were by substituting Co with Cu and Fe. The characteristics of these alloys have been investigated by means of XRD, PCT, and measurement of electrochemical capacity and cycle life. The test results show that the effect of these two kinds of substituting elements on discharge capacity is Cu > Fe, and the cycle life is on the contrary. Both of them have no distinct influence on activity speed, but activity speed increases with the decrease of Co. By the order way, the high discharge rate characteristics rise with the addition of Cu and decreasing of Co.


Cu and Fe; low-Co; AB5 type hydrogen storage alloy; electrochemical capacity; cycle life


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