Preparation of Large Area Double Sided YBCO Thin Films by DC Magneton Sputtering


Li Tao Gu Hongwei Wang Peiwen Wang Xiaoping Xie Bowei (Superconducting Materials Research Center, General Research Institute for Non-Ferrous Metals, Beijing 100088, China)


<正> Tc,Jc and Rs properties of large area double sided YBCO thin films deposited on LaAlO3 substrates by direct current sputtering were reported. Film thickness of the obtained thin films is over 300 nm, Tc >90 K; Rs can be as low as less than 1.0 mΩ(77 K, 10 GHz). Homogenousity of the properties around the plane was studied. Under the measurement condition of 77 K, average values of Jc on each side of the thin films are over 1.4 MA ·cm-2, with homogenous distributions. Influences of substrate temperature and Ar and O2 pressures on properties of the double-sided thin films were discussed.


large area double sided superconductor thin film; YBCO; magneton sputtering


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